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Tickets to USS Midway

Literacy First Charter Schools held their annual Veteran’s Day Parade, where students from kindergarten to 12th grade participated by waving signs and singing patriotic songs. Veterans also came to speak at the school’s assemblies. Additionally, the Patriot Legacy Education Foundation donated tickets to tour the USS Midway to families who decorated their cars the best for the parade. The tickets were generously donated by a family from the charter school, and a veteran from the USS Midway.


David Butler


The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation (PLEF) held a “Wacky Tacky Wednesday” Dress Up day on January 11th, 2023, to raise money for Literacy First Charter School. The students had a great time participating in the event and received a wacky tacky pencil as a reward. The event was successful in raising funds for the charter school, and PLEF hopes to make this an annual event. The PLEF is a non-profit organization that aims to promote education and raise funds for schools and education-related causes. The foundation works to support schools and programs that foster academic excellence, community involvement, and lifelong learning. They are known to make a difference in their local communities by providing resources, support, and opportunities for students to excel in their education.


David Butler


The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation recently provided $150 grants to the teachers of Literacy First Charter School. These grants have been put to good use, with teachers purchasing a variety of items to enhance their students’ learning experiences. Some of the items purchased include canvases for art class, mice for student laptops, supplies for after-school clubs, play money for math in second grade, and hands-on algebra tools for high school teachers. These purchases demonstrate the dedication of the teachers at Literacy First Charter School to providing their students with the best possible education, and the support of the Patriot Legacy Education Foundation is greatly appreciated.


David Butler


The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation has made a significant investment in classroom libraries by purchasing books in excess of $5,000. These books are high-interest, quality literature and well loved classics that will provide students with a diverse range of reading options. To encourage students to choose these “blue sticker” books, the foundation has implemented an incentivization program that awards blue tickets worth $1 to the JA snack shack for each book read. Students at other campuses will receive a variety of rewards for choosing “blue sticker” books. This not only promotes the love of reading but also helps to build a culture of literacy within the school community. Overall, this is a great initiative that will have a positive impact on the students by exposing them to some of the best literature available.


David Butler

We are excited to announce the five winners of our RE:EQUIP $500 grants: 

Lisa Amorteguy, Jenny Gillespie, Joe Sebastian, Dana Rounds and Ginny Valles.

For the second year, PLEF has held a grant writing contest for the teachers of LFCS. This year during training week, our teachers were asked to RE: equip, RE: ignite, and RE: imagine what learning would look like for a school year that did not look like any other we have ever experienced. Answering the question, “How will this project fulfill a learning need that you are not currently able to meet?” Teachers described ways in which requested materials would supplement learning. The submission ranged in variety from music, to art, to STEM and robotics. Deciding on five winning applicants was a difficult task. We can’t wait to see how they put their projects to use in the classroom and beyond!


David Butler


WOW! That is a number we dreamed of!! During the month of February, the Kindergarten through Eighth grade students at Literacy First Charter School sent ‘pledge requests’ via text and email out to their family, friends and local businesses. The students requested donations for field trips, and in return celebrated the giving by showing grit and perseverance during a 20 minute jog. The day of the jog was a party with all of the trimmings: DJs, balloons, Captain America, Pat the Bulldog, tutus, capes, facepaint, and too many festive touches to count. It was also a HUGE moment to capture because it was the first day that parents were able to rejoin us on campus. We can’t think of a better coming together of our LFCS community than what took place on this day. During the course of the month, students were competing as classes, grade levels and individuals for prizes and incentives. Laughter and squeals were heard across the campuses as students slid down giant 27’ inflatable slides, and competed in over the top sports challenges. The top three classes at the halfway point earned awesome ice cream sundae parties, and the three highest earning classes at the end of the fundraiser combined their winnings for a MEGA pizza party! We can’t thank our families and teachers and staff enough for making this event such a huge success.

$1,000 Scholarship

David Butler

Katrina Vibbard, Noah Dresselhaus, Bridget Braden, just to name a few of the past winners of the “Making a Difference,” $1,000 PLEF annual scholarship award. The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation awards one LCHS student a $1,000 scholarship each graduation. The award is called, “Making a Difference,” and is awarded to current LFCS high school seniors who have completed at least 100 volunteer hours in any verifiable community setting such as a school, church, hospital, care center, or other nonprofit organization. Aside from the required hours, the scholarship is awarded to students based on their character, GPA, and written essay.


David Butler

To kick off the new year in style, PLEF hosted its second dress up day of the year. Students brought in $5 donations to go towards field trips, and got to come to school dressed as cow folks and farmers. We had some good ol’ fashioned fun, and ended the day with a big YEE HAW!


David Butler

Five $500 grants awarded to LFCS educators! The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation awarded five LFCS teachers grants, starting at $500. The grants ranged from: Virtual Reality tech that helps students explore far away places and hard to grasp concepts, to ipads that help special needs students more readily access learning, to AP science kits that will benefit students for years to come, to robots for high schoolers exploring STEM, and gear for our 6th graders who missed the opportunity to attend sixth grade camp due to the pandemic, but whose teachers came together and MADE them a week long experience of a lifetime! Several of these gifts were able to be doubled or tripled by PLEF is proud to support our teachers and students as they endeavour for greatness at LFCS!


David Butler

PLEF Raises money for Field Trips with fun filled student dress up days and spirit wear sales.

The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation is proud to continue supporting our amazing school through the difficult days of the COVID Pandemic. PLEF has been able to find creative fundraising solutions to continue to support our mission, and the programs of Literacy First Charter Schools.

We have had two very successful fundraisers this year that will help our students begin attending field trips again. We are thrilled to be able to partner with our school to promote learning outside of the walls of the classroom. Our students have big things planned for them. They will be attending plays, museums, county parks and more as we strive not for normal, but for the best, for our students!

Our students brought in $5 or more to celebrate our first dress up day of the year, ‘Disney Day.’ This tradition began last year and was the first ‘normal’ and celebratory event we were able to host since the beginning of the Pandemic. It is a joy to walk the halls filled with princesses and superheroes feeling like their most special selves during the school day. Our staff doesn’t disappoint either. Each grade level chooses a theme, and the teachers come as the seven dwarves, or the characters from Inside Out, and many more fun and creative themes. 

We have also been selling Spirit Wear. We are excited to introduce a collection of shirts this year for our ‘Moms, Dads, and Fans.’ Our ‘Bulldog for Life’ Ts have sold out, and our zipper ‘B’ logo hoodies have sold out as well. We have ordered more of each, and we are so thankful for our LFCS families who love our school as much as we do!