PLEF Scholarships

David Butler

We have great news…

We have just posted our first scholarship application on the Liberty Charter High School website!  This $1000 scholarship is exclusively for LCHS students (Freshmen-Seniors) who have documented volunteer hours of 100 hours or more!  This application is due by February 15th so please act quickly if you are interested!


Save the Date!

David Butler

Patriot Legacy Education Foundation is excited to announce our 2nd Annual Gala! The All-American Blast will be held on June 8th, 2019

Last year, our LFCS family showed incredible support for our foundation by participating in the Parent Prom. This year, we want to open our doors to our community and friends so that they too can join in the fun!

Just like last year, there will be great food, entertainment, and dancing.

In our inaugural year, this event pushed us over the top of our fundraising goal and allowed us to purchase our first LFCS van! We can’t wait to see how the 2nd Annual Gala will move us closer to our second van!


International Dot Day

David Butler


This year the LFCS art team began the year by participating in the International Dot Day across all of the campuses. Dot Day celebrates the anniversary of the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It is a simple story with a big idea: we can make a “mark” on this world.

To celebrate, students had the opportunity to make their own dots that reflected them in whatever way they wanted. The outcome was a beautiful, collective work of art. Each campus approached the project differently, but the concept was the same.  We want our students to believe that they can truly make a “mark” on their world.

And so can we. We can make a mark on our school by actively participating in the lives of our students, school community, and the community at large. We can find creative ways to support the future of our LFCS students. How will you make your “mark”?



We’ve Got it!

David Butler

For the school year of 2017-2018, we made it our goal to purchase a van for our sports teams and clubs. Purchasing a van would make it possible for our students to attend more games and participate in more community events without the issue of transportation stopping them. Additionally, it could be used to help supplement field trip transportation needs and other future possibilities.

The goal was to raise $40,000 to purchase such a van. And guess what? WE DID IT! On August 20th, our Athletic Director, Linn Dunton was able to go to Mossy Ford of El Cajon to purchase our van in cash as a result of funds raised through the Patriot Legacy Education Foundation! This purchase will open up our LFCS family to so many possibilities. We are so excited!

But we are not stopping here. We are looking forward to our future of more possibilities. We look forward to purchasing more vans to create more accessibility to our students. And this is just the starting point. As the PLEF grows in its ability to provide funding to LFCS….we are dreaming of big things! We sincerely hoping you are dreaming and looking forward with us…but for now let’s celebrate! We’ve got it!

Parent Prom

On Saturday, June 9th, the Patriot Legacy Education Foundation proudly hosted its very first gala…Parent Prom! The night was full of entertainment and fun and we were so pleased with the support of our community. Live music was provided by one LFCS’ very own 6th grade teachers. Harvey Curry and his fellow singers from the Remembrance Tribute Band donated both their time and talent for the evening. Along with the full dance floor, the live music was a highlight of the evening. Read more “Parent Prom”

4th grade art auction

Each year in spring, there are a number of magical nights happening at LFCS. One of our favorite traditions is the fourth grade art auction. Students work hard at creating a unique canvas based on an artist that reflects them. It is a night full of proud artists showing off their work. The proud parents can buy their student work for a mere $20. Read more “4th grade art auction”

Teacher Giving

You could argue perhaps that the backbone of any school is its teachers. But it isn’t. The backbone of the school is the purpose, vision, and philosophy of the school. The teachers are just about everything else. They take those core elements of the school into the classroom and put them to work in the practical ways that only a teacher can. Read more “Teacher Giving”