You could argue perhaps that the backbone of any school is its teachers. But it isn’t. The backbone of the school is the purpose, vision, and philosophy of the school. The teachers are just about everything else. They take those core elements of the school into the classroom and put them to work in the practical ways that only a teacher can. And then there are the administrators who protect and uphold those values. They provide the structure and the means to allow teachers to carry out the education of the students entrusted to them. It is an incredible symbiotic relationship. Add to that, an incredible support team who provide for the practical needs of the school: lunches, playground supervision, office management, and clean bathrooms. This support team does not just do this for a paycheck, but because they believe in the purpose, vision and philosophy of the school.

When you have administrators, teachers and a support team who are of one purpose, vision, and philosophy much can be accomplished. If you were to walk on an LFCS campus, you would see just this, great things happening because of the unity of the admin, teachers, and staff. And you see that they all like each other. Everyone gets along! Not only that, but just about everyone values the work that the others are doing.

When it comes time to say thank you, much is done. Teachers and staff are honored by the administration and traditionally teachers and staff honor the administration with a Christmas gift. For the last two years, the school administrators have requested that in lieu of gifts, donations could be made to further the purpose, vision, and philosophy of the school. In 2017, 75% of our teachers and staff collectively gave over $1,000 to the Patriot Legacy Education Foundation as a means to honor the administration. It is pretty incredible that the employees of this school believe in what they are doing so much that they give time, energy, heart and even their personal finances to support the mission.

LFCS is a school truly committed to its cause.