We all believe in something. What we believe varies from person to person, but there are times when we find communities that hold our same values and ideals. And that is a beautiful thing!

Those affiliated with Literacy First Charter Schools believe in education. They also believe a well-rounded education that includes an emphasis on character has the potential to raise up world changers. Parents proudly emblazon their cars with bumper stickers and license plate frames that read, “Education happens at Literacy First Charter Schools.” Teachers dedicate precious hours of planning and meetings to further this cause. The amazing students come to school each day with attitudes and hearts that are ready to learn.

Patriot Legacy Education Foundation believes too. We believe that LFCS offers something great. With over 15 years of successfully educating future world changers, the families and the staff of the LFCS community are making a difference. This can be seen in the high test scores, the giving community, and student success in the “real world” after graduation day.

We at PLEF are committed to the long term success of Literacy First Charter Schools by raising a strong financial base for the future of the schools and by providing means to develop and maintain current and future educational programs.

Do you believe?

Literacy First Charter Schools are a tightly knit family of teachers, parents, students, and community members. You’ll see many cars driving around town with bumper stickers that read, “Education happens at Literacy First Charter Schools!” We are proud of the work we do here – investing in America’s next group of leaders, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and women, and so much more! In fact, in 2017, 75% of our staff participated in making a financial contribution to The Patriot Legacy Education Foundation. We are thrilled to report that not only are we proud of the work we do, but we believe in it enough to, ‘put our money where our mouth is,’ and give back financially as well!

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