Each year in spring, there are a number of magical nights happening at LFCS. One of our favorite traditions is the fourth grade art auction. Students work hard at creating a unique canvas based on an artist that reflects them. It is a night full of proud artists showing off their work. The proud parents can buy their student work for a mere $20.

Aside from that, there is a both a silent auction and a live auction that includes special experiences, art done by teachers, jewelry, and gift baskets. The goal is to make a lot of money for field trips!

The bigger purpose is the underlying “why” of everything that is done at LFCS….and that is the learning experience. Not only does the art auction provide an avenue to display student learning in the arts…it also is a significant fundraiser for the fourth grade California history field trips. Students have the option of traveling to our state capitol for a day, or experiencing “gold rush days” at a nearby camp.

Sometimes the best opportunities for learning are expensive. Yet, when the “why” is clear, then figuring out the “how” is just a matter of creativity….such as an art auction.

We do have events all throughout the year, and are always looking for live and silent auction items. If you are able to give accordingly, please contact us!